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Before Tomorrow Burned (Shadowless 2)

Before Tomorrow Burned (Shadowless 2)

Shadowless: The Affliction Cycle Part 2
A rogue scientist discovers a link between the natural and supernatural.
Opening Pandora's box is easy. Shutting it again is less so... especially when government warhawks see it as a tool for revenge.

Doctor Swaggert and his fellows may have learned to isolate the mysterious entities into living creatures, but what they do when implanted into a person is beyond their control!

When a xenophobic general gets a hold of Eidolon Commission resources, he hastens the end for all. Government black ops ghostbusting stays below the radar until a whistleblower learns the dark truth. Will the science team look the other way as the world around it goes mad... or will they follow orders and inject a man on death row with a thousand demons?
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