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Canticle for Chaturanga (Casefiles of Vikrum Wiltshire)

Canticle for Chaturanga (Casefiles of Vikrum Wiltshire)

A demon, a key, and a cursed chess set stolen from the Vatican...

A demon's dark essence now inhabits the body of a grand chess master. Together with its human partner, it manipulates the intricate moves of a grand supernatural game with humanity hanging in the balance. As the sinister strategy unfolds, Vikrum Wiltshire and the Red Order must unravel the demon's cryptic maneuvers and devise a counter play to save the world from the impending cataclysm.

With each move, the line between salvation and destruction blurs, and time slips away as the demon grows closer to releasing its master: a Grigori Watcher and prince among demons who remains bound in darkness until Judgement day.
Now, with his soul on the line and embroiled in a game where every move holds the fate of both realms, Wiltshire learns his partner has been lying to him: he’s not as good at chess as he’s been led to believe.
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