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Cast of Fate

Cast of Fate

The Esfah Sagas: Tales of the First Age #2
Dragons are bad enough, but now the sky is falling!
Elves at war, dwarven spies, and a secret goblin invasion...
…from the creators of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance.

The Volcano City of Karakto is home of the morehl: the red-skinned lava elves. The blue-skinned coral elves, known as the selumari, believe the morehl corrupted and mad—driven to violence by the god of Death. Decades ago, the selumari conquered Karakto with the help of their dwarven allies, the vagha. Now, the coral elves live in an uneasy truce with their hated enemies and rule over the spoils of war.

Can the morehl be redeemed? Calantha, the city’s selumari governor adopted a morehl child, hoping to prove that nurture can overcome nature. But that child, Orric, has grown into a capricious rogue, brilliant and witty, but prone to danger and rage.

As tensions grow in Karakto, secret armies move, and voices whisper of a coup. Perhaps the morehl are not as evil as Orric was told, and perhaps neither are the selumari and vagha as good as claimed. With the lava elves looking to Orric to lead them, Calantha struggles to hold their brittle alliance together in the winds of rebellion… and a new and dangerous evil brews with an omen in the sky.
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