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Chill Wind

Chill Wind

The Esfah Sagas: The Cyrean Songs #1
Fire, ice, and ancient mystic weapons.
The lava elves have overthrown their coral elf cousins…
and now they are coming for the dwarves.

A dwarf soldier, Geril sa'Ghuren, returns to his home of Balgavarr Reaches after a horrific battle at the faraway coral elf city of Tulgesh. With most of his friends killed and the city captured by the invading lava elves, he despairs that the enemy may next discover his home city before his people can prepare.

On a mountain trail not far from home, Geril discovers a massive and powerful creature never before seen in his homeland of the Kafnysan Mountains. This creature, the frostwing warrior named Thrag, becomes his best hope for the survival of his people, now in the cross-hairs of the same enemies who took Tulgesh. Geril must journey with Thrag to the Shadowlands and enlist the aid of their peculiar people if they are to stop the lava elves’ conquest of the region.

But a new threat emerges in their midst. An ancient evil is searching for the lost relics of the Magestorm War. A conflict that nearly destroyed the land of Cyrea long ago. Can Geril and Thrag, two completely different soldiers, from different countries and races, locate these artifacts before the enemy and save their homes?
Includes the bonus story: Thunderfist and the Dragon
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