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Death Upon the Fields of Splendor (The Kakos Realm 3)

Death Upon the Fields of Splendor (The Kakos Realm 3)

Faith-based dark fantasy.
The mysterious Watcher finally arrives... but as a harbinger of terrible news.

He sends Rashnir and Zeh-Ahbe’ on a suicide mission in order to save their friends. Despite the Luciferian Deathsquads, bounty hunters, and a secretly excavated monolith unearthed by Lilth’s Wendigo, the ranger and lycan charge headlong into the mouth of danger: the arch-mage’s home at the Temple of Light.

Before they can succeed, the Watcher shows his true colors and trades secret information in exchange for an item locked away in a demon overlord’s stronghold. They must retrieve a simple silver key that resides in the Dark Lord’s throne room.

Getting into the castle is doable—but getting out alive may be another matter entirely!

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