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The Esfah Sagas: Relic Quests #3
“Prepare to Embrace the Madness of Dragons!”

Rising evil makes strange alliances with a clockwork army… and a dwarven coup brews. Can the adventurers of the gods’own survive what lurks in the shadows?

The dwarf Hy'Targ and his friends travel halfway across the world in search of a female warrior they only have a sketch of. They're certain she's the key to unlocking a mysterious artifact reclaimed from an ancient gnome stronghold. What they find, instead, is a whole mess of trouble.

Although a friendly queen holds sway in Cyrea, the adventurers discover the hated lava elves are more trustworthy than Hy’Targ’s dwarven kin. As they navigate conspiracies plaguing the northern Balgavarr Reaches, a shadowy enemy returns.

Black dragonkin riders encountered at the Battle of Bralanthyr have returned in force… and they have the stink of Melkior the Lich on them! Can the heroes stand united against threats on multiple fronts as the Death god's forces threaten multiple cities at once?

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